When I attended the keynote presentation at the Central Pennsylvania Gluten Free Expo on November 10, 2013, one thing Alice Bast, president and CEO of

Hold on to your heart: the rewards of adopting older and senior dogs

(A version of this article first published in Pawsitively Pets magazine.)* Tess Crossen was sure she’d “get roped in by a puppy or a younger do

Coming Off the High of HippoCamp

The inaugural HippoCamp—a creative nonfiction conference held in Lancaster, PA August 7-9, 2015—has come and gone. This is the time you have to si

I never intended to write a memoir. So, here’s how that happened…

(This essay first published in Good News magazine, May 2015, to honor and promote celiac disease awareness month.) I’m sitting in the cafeteria a

Mush: from sled dogs to celiac, the scenic detour of my life

Please visit "Mush Reviews & Ordering" for more information. When Tara Caimi was twenty-eight years old, she moved from Pennsylvania to Utah to sup


(Title essay from my memoir, originally published in The MacGuffin) Four months after moving in to the run-down mobile home, I still hadn’t g


This essay/memoir excerpt first appeared in Pithead Chapel. ~ My boss admitted she’d hired me for my personality. Past events had inspired her to

Sled Team

A version of this excerpt from MUSH first published in Oh Comely ~ I declared a red alert for puppy arrival to all my colleagues and supervisor

Without Words

This excerpt from my memoir first published in Outside In Literary and Travel Magazine. ~ Kneeling between the leaders at the front of the lines, I

Benner Township Prison Welcomes Shelter Dogs

This article first published in Pawsitively Pets magazine February 2015 Positive reinforcement may not be what comes to mind when people think abou