The Casanova Chronicles

Rather than make a new post, I’m uploading the finished version of the cover design for The Casanova Chronicles here, long past due. More information about this book of poetry is available at the Etruscan Press website, and the book is available for purchase on

Full cover design of The Casanova Chronicles by Myrna Stone

(Previous post about the design process)
This past semester I had the fortunate opportunity to intern with Etruscan Press. My internship consisted of designing a book of poetry called The Casanova Chronicles. Prior to reading the manuscript, I was given an image to use for the cover design, so I decided to come up with some ideas based only on that image before reading the book. I wanted to see if I’d come closer to matching the style and conceptions of my supervisors based on the image they’d chosen than I would if I actually read the book and came up with a design concept on my own. Not being a poetry connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, I thought the plan was a safe approach. (I turned out to be right, but that part of the story comes later.)

The image I was given was a painting called “Flower Gatherers” by Francois Boucher. Not only is this a demonstrative image on its own, I was told that I likely would be unable to manipulate the image in any way, due to copyright restrictions. While that didn’t come as a surprise, it did limit my options with regard to the design. And it further limits my options with regard to what I can show here about the process. Maybe that’s a good thing. Suffice to say that I did manipulate the image—greatly—to ignite my creative spark and get the process started (always, for me, the hardest part). But those were just the warm-up exercises.

Once I got past those potentially creative but otherwise awkward concepts, I was able to work with the image in its entirety, coming up with a few designs that I felt confident enough to share. And because my supervisors had yet to confirm the limitations on image manipulation, I threw a “manipulated” option in for good measure. Below are some of the initial low-res drafts.
Draft 1 Cover Mockup for The Casanova Chronicles by Myrna Stone

Draft 2 Cover Mockup for The Casanova Chronicles by Myrna Stone

Draft 3 Cover Mockup for The Casanova Chronicles by Myrna Stone

Draft 4 Cover Mockup for The Casanova Chronicles by Myrna Stone


4 Responses to “The Casanova Chronicles”

  1. dave says:

    Wow Tara, nice set of options. All very strong. I wish you could share examples of the poems that will be bound by one of these. I think the Bodoni works very nicely with the manipulated image. The font and the crop give the Boucher a needed contemporary spin.

    • tmcaimi says:

      I wish I could share the poems too, but I will say that each poem really does work well within the context of the entire collection. I’ll find out the publication schedule and let you know. (Of course, you’re always welcome to borrow my copy when I get it.)

  2. dave says:

    Borrow? Hell, I’ll buy a copy from EP and see if I can get the designer to sign it.

    • tmcaimi says:

      I found out the publication date for the Casanova Chronicles – July 1. I’ll share the information then as well. Happy holidays!

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