My Rare Disease

In honor of celiac disease awareness month and in an effort to do my part in helping to raise awareness, I posted “My Rare Disease,” the story of my celiac disease diagnosis, in a series of personal essays to this blog. This is part of my memoir, entitled Mush, which describes my two-year journey (by way of dog-sled) toward that diagnosis. A brief synopsis of the full memoir (aka the pitch) is available to read on this blog. Below are links to the essays which comprise “My Rare Disease.”

Part 1: Sick
Part 2: A History of Anxiety
Part 3: Stomach Virus
Part 4: Specter
Part 5: Dignity
Part 6: Pride
Part 7: Tests
Part 8: Rare Disease
Part 9: Diagnosis
Conclusion: A Note on Celiac Disease

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