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“Follow Tara Caimi on her classic American journey west toward someone else’s dream, where she’ll make a lifesaving self-discovery of her own.”

STATE COLLEGE, PA, Jan. 5—Author Tara Caimi of State College will debut her story of romantic dreams, sled dogs, and food—Mush: from sled dogs to celiac, the scenic detour of my life—as part of the spring lineup from Plain View Press. She is planning a party for her launch, which will include performances of select scenes from Mush and a variety of locally prepared gluten-free foods.

Caimi is a freelance writer and editor and an active member of the State College Celiac Support Group. She holds a BA in journalism and an MFA in creative writing. Her essays, stories, and articles have appeared in the Writer’s Chronicle, The MacGuffin, Fire & Knives, Pithead Chapel, Oh Comely magazine, the nonfiction anthology Whereabouts: Stepping Out of Place, and other journals and magazines.

When Tara Caimi was twenty-eight years old, she moved from Pennsylvania to Utah to support her boyfriend’s dog mushing dream. Nick was confident and courageous, outgoing and adventurous—everything Tara was not. Though she had always suffered from anxiety-related ailments, in Utah, Tara’s health steadily deteriorated. Living with Nick revealed some unexpected lifestyle differences, and the culture she encountered rendered her a perpetual outsider. The only comfort she found was in her surrogate family of sled dogs. As personal failures piled up amidst desperate feelings of isolation, her health declined to a point she could no longer ignore. Mush is the story of Tara’s journey toward someone else’s dream and the lifesaving self-discovery it revealed.

Sara Pritchard, award-winning author of Crackpots, Lately, and Help Wanted: Female said this: “Mush follows Tara’s life as it slowly spins out of control and she’s sucked into a downward spiral of disappointment, stress, and physical illness that nearly kills her. But Tara is a survivor. She lives to write about the whole mess—with candor and with only the best intentions. Without bitterness, self-pity, and negativity. Mush is not another ‘poor-me’ memoir.”

Caimi is available for interviews and appearances. For review copies or to schedule presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings contact Tara Caimi.


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