Chicken Divan

(This essay first published in Fire & Knives quarterly, and was reprinted in Oh Comely magazine) My brother came screaming into this world like

Lucky Teeth

(This essay was accepted for publication in Fire & Knives quarterly. Sadly, F&K went out of print. The essay was later picked up by Oh Comely

No Turning Back

(This essay first published in Oh Comely magazine.) She found me in Arizona—the dog I always knew I’d someday have. I’d been traveling cross-

The boy with the black glasses

I have to give a heartfelt shout out to the organizers of the Central PA Gluten Free Expo. Sunday's event was phenomenal. They just keep getting bette

Grieving at the Office

My grammie died two weeks after my younger cousin, barely twenty-one years old, had been killed suddenly, shockingly, tragically. I was bereft. Grammi


When I attended the keynote presentation at the Central Pennsylvania Gluten Free Expo on November 10, 2013, one thing Alice Bast, president and CEO of

Hold on to your heart: the rewards of adopting older and senior dogs

(A version of this article first published in Pawsitively Pets magazine.)* Tess Crossen was sure she’d “get roped in by a puppy or a younger do

Coming Off the High of HippoCamp

The inaugural HippoCamp—a creative nonfiction conference held in Lancaster, PA August 7-9, 2015—has come and gone. This is the time you have to si

I never intended to write a memoir. So, here’s how that happened…

(This essay first published in Good News magazine, May 2015, to honor and promote celiac disease awareness month.) I’m sitting in the cafeteria a

Mush: from sled dogs to celiac, the scenic detour of my life

"Mush is a heartfelt story of dogs, dirt roads and dreams—of health, hope and home." ~Donna Talarico, Founder & Publisher, Hippocampus Magazine