My Rare Disease Part 3: Stomach Virus

Back to Part 2: A History of Anxiety ~ On Christmas day after I moved back to Pennsylvania, I was still under the weather and unable to eat much of

My Rare Disease Part 2: A History of Anxiety

Back to Part 1: Sick ~ It started again, one week before Christmas. At first I wasn’t so worried about shedding a couple of pounds since I’d ga

My Rare Disease Part 1: Sick

My Rare Disease ~ How do you write about being sick? What can you possibly say in an effort to share and educate without annihilating every sub-at

Hand me downs

I must have been about sixteen when my mother happened upon The Carrot Cake recipe. I have no idea where the recipe came from—probably one of the

Celiac Disease Awareness vs. Education

While it was once difficult to find information on celiac disease, not to mention palatable gluten-free food, recent years have seen a boost in aware