Privileged Perspective in Memoir: Building the Bridge of Trust by Trusting the Reader

This craft essay about techniques authors of memoir use to build credibility and elicit trust first appeared in the Writer's Chronicle. Below is the f

True Story

This essay first published in The Write Life, the Wilkes University Creative Writing program blog. ~ As I settle into somewhat of a writing comfort

Still Life … or is it?

Finally continuing my quest to share the books I’ve read in the past three (or so) years, I find that the next one on my list is by Mark Doty. Prior

Inspirational message from author of Eat, Pray, Love

One of my favorite lines in the movie Blood Diamond comes when the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio tries to pick up the journalist played by Jen

Weekend at Sara’s

I’ve just returned from my first-ever writing workshop weekend, and what an amazing experience it was. In a flurry of emails, online posts, and ove

The Manuscript

You start by creating a few words and then a few sentences and then it starts to grow and you nurture it and try your best to make it the best it can

Abook, Abook!

Well I’ve done it—I’ve written a book. Something I’ve always wanted to do and maybe even known I would do. Of course, that particular knowledg