eBook page for Mush: from sled dogs to celiac, the scenic detour of my life

Mush book cover collage of Girl painting and sled dog team racing

When Tara Caimi was twenty-eight years old, she moved from Pennsylvania to Utah to support her boyfriend’s dog mushing dream. Nick was confident and courageous, outgoing and adventurous—everything Tara was not. Tara had always suffered from anxiety-related ailments, but in Utah her health steadily deteriorated. Living with Nick revealed some unexpected lifestyle differences, and the culture she encountered rendered her a perpetual outsider. The only comfort she found was in her surrogate family of sled dogs. As personal failures piled up amidst desperate feelings of isolation, her health declined to a point she could no longer ignore. Mush is the story of Tara’s journey toward someone else’s dream and the lifesaving self-discovery it revealed.

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