Lucky Teeth

First published in Oh Comely magazine ~ “Smile as wide as you can for the picture,” my mother reminded me as she ushered me onto the school bus

No Turning Back

(This essay first published in Oh Comely magazine) She found me in Arizona—the dog I always knew I’d someday have. I’d been traveling cross-c


When I attended the keynote presentation at the Central Pennsylvania Gluten Free Expo on November 10, 2013, one thing Alice Bast, president and CEO of

I never intended to write a memoir. So, here’s how that happened…

(This essay first published in Good News magazine, May 2015, to honor and promote celiac disease awareness month.) I’m sitting in the cafeteria a

Coffee Soup

I must have suspected, with a child's intuition, that butter was integral to my Grandma's cooking. But I didn't realize until much later, when I a

Hand me downs

I must have been about sixteen when my mother happened upon The Carrot Cake recipe. I have no idea where the recipe came from—probably one of the