Q&A with Oh Comely Magazine

The creative and talented women at Oh Comely magazine certainly like to have fun! When they published my short story, “Chicken Divan,” they asked me to answer a few questions for their contributors page. Here’s their spin on the traditional interview …

OC: Tell us about yourself and your work

TC: I think the word that best describes me is eclectic. I love to learn, and I’m fascinated with just about everything. Writing is how I make meaning in the world. Through writing, I explore life and especially the elements of life that speak to our hearts. I write mostly essays and narrative nonfiction, but I also like to push the boundaries of genre and form. These days, I find myself drifting toward the alluring intersection of fact and fiction.

OC: What’s the first lie you remember telling as a child?

TC: This isn’t exactly a lie: My great grandfather (we called him Pappy) used to give my brother and I two-dollar bills when we’d visit. I remember my mother forbidding me to spend those two-dollar bills at the candy store around the corner from our house. So when a five-dollar bill came into my possession, I spent that at the candy store instead. I may have intended to hide the loot, but there was no hiding the brown paper grocery bag, overflowing with goodies, that was almost larger than me. My mother marched me back to Pee-Wee’s penny candy store for a full return. I’m not sure I ever got the five-dollar bill back, but I did learn a lesson in the pitfalls of literal interpretations—something I still struggle with to this day.

OC: What was your most successful hide and seek strategy?

TC: I was naturally tiny, unnaturally quiet, and preternaturally solitary. I often remained hidden long after the game had ended.

OC: The well-groomed vegetable puppets from Theatre Borscht are taking over this issue’s quiz. Beards or moustaches? Why?

TC: While I can’t claim much knowledge of beards, moustaches, or stage-performing vegetables, my instincts tell me Theatre Borscht got it right with the moustache choice. Sinister. Very sinister indeed.

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