Welcome to my blog!

Three quarter length of me in front of my bookshelf holding a coffee mug
Photo by Cristol Grey – very out of date; I’ll add a new one, someday.

I consider myself to be a work in progress. When you think about it, what living thing isn’t? This helps me to understand that there is no final product. There is only process, and that’s where the beauty of discovery resides. And that’s where the magic of the work in progress resides. Because in this model, from this perspective, there is no end to discovery. The potential is always there, in whatever form that potential may (or may not) take. This excites me and motivates me. It fuels my curiosity, and keeps me in constant evolution as I guide people along different stages of their own journey.

This blog is a reflection of my personal experiences as a work in progress on this wild rollercoaster ride called life. If aspects of my story resonate with you and you’d like to explore working with me, please feel welcome to schedule a call on my calendar for a free discovery session. Or send me a note through the contact form.