Q&A: Celiac Disease and the Workplace

This Q&A was conducted by Jamie Oberdick for the Penn State ITS Climate and Diversity Team Blog when I worked as a marketing and communications sp

Celiac disease remains tough to diagnose

Tara Caimi, For the Centre Daily Times ~ Tara Streno saw her family doctor once a month for about a year, and John Askey received aggressive treatm

My Rare Disease

In honor of celiac disease awareness month and in an effort to do my part in helping to raise awareness, I posted "My Rare Disease," the story of my c

My Rare Disease Part 10: A Note on Celiac Disease

Back to Part 9: Diagnosis ~ It has been nine years since my diagnosis, and I am still learning. I am sure I will never stop. I consider myself luck

My Rare Disease Part 9: Diagnosis

Back to Part 8: Rare Disease ~ Human powers of denial surpass those of reason by what seems like an exponential degree. And maybe it wasn’t surpr

My Rare Disease Part 8: Rare Disease

Back to Part 7: Tests ~ Around day seven they started doing different tests to explore the possibility that it might not be the stomach virus that

My Rare Disease Part 7: Tests

Back to Part 6: Pride ~ At night, the nurses took blood samples to monitor my condition. They came in every couple of hours, beginning at 11:00 p.m

My Rare Disease Part 6: Pride

Back to Part 5: Dignity ~ We developed a routine. After talking to the doctor each morning, my mother called my employers to let them know that I n

My Rare Disease Part 5: Dignity

Back to Part 4: Specter ~ My mother would later tell me that she’d seen in my eyes a look she had only seen twice before in her life—once in my

My Rare Disease Part 4: Specter

Back to Part 3: Stomach Virus ~ The next couple of days were a blur. I didn’t get any better. I lost more energy and more weight than I imagined