My Rare Disease Part 7: Tests

Back to Part 6: Pride ~ At night, the nurses took blood samples to monitor my condition. They came in every couple of hours, beginning at 11:00 p.m

My Rare Disease Part 6: Pride

Back to Part 5: Dignity ~ We developed a routine. After talking to the doctor each morning, my mother called my employers to let them know that I n

My Rare Disease Part 5: Dignity

Back to Part 4: Specter ~ My mother would later tell me that she’d seen in my eyes a look she had only seen twice before in her life—once in my

My Rare Disease Part 4: Specter

Back to Part 3: Stomach Virus ~ The next couple of days were a blur. I didn’t get any better. I lost more energy and more weight than I imagined

My Rare Disease Part 3: Stomach Virus

Back to Part 2: A History of Anxiety ~ On Christmas day after I moved back to Pennsylvania, I was still under the weather and unable to eat much of

My Rare Disease Part 2: A History of Anxiety

Back to Part 1: Sick ~ It started again, one week before Christmas. At first I wasn’t so worried about shedding a couple of pounds since I’d ga

My Rare Disease Part 1: Sick

My Rare Disease ~ How do you write about being sick? What can you possibly say in an effort to share and educate without annihilating every sub-at

Hand me downs

I must have been about sixteen when my mother happened upon The Carrot Cake recipe. I have no idea where the recipe came from—probably one of the

The Manuscript

You start by creating a few words and then a few sentences and then it starts to grow and you nurture it and try your best to make it the best it can

Why She Cries

My dog won’t stop whining. She walks up to me and looks directly at my face with her wide, brown, agitated eyes and if I don’t immediately take