My Rare Disease Part 8: Rare Disease

Back to Part 7: Tests ~ Around day seven they started doing different tests to explore the possibility that it might not be the stomach virus that

My Rare Disease Part 7: Tests

Back to Part 6: Pride ~ At night, the nurses took blood samples to monitor my condition. They came in every couple of hours, beginning at 11:00 p.m

My Rare Disease Part 6: Pride

Back to Part 5: Dignity ~ We developed a routine. After talking to the doctor each morning, my mother called my employers to let them know that I n

My Rare Disease Part 5: Dignity

Back to Part 4: Specter ~ My mother would later tell me that she’d seen in my eyes a look she had only seen twice before in her life—once in my

My Rare Disease Part 4: Specter

Back to Part 3: Stomach Virus ~ The next couple of days were a blur. I didn’t get any better. I lost more energy and more weight than I imagined

My Rare Disease Part 3: Stomach Virus

Back to Part 2: A History of Anxiety ~ On Christmas day after I moved back to Pennsylvania, I was still under the weather and unable to eat much of

My Rare Disease Part 2: A History of Anxiety

Back to Part 1: Sick ~ It started again, one week before Christmas. At first I wasn’t so worried about shedding a couple of pounds since I’d ga

My Rare Disease Part 1: Sick

My Rare Disease ~ How do you write about being sick? What can you possibly say in an effort to share and educate without annihilating every sub-at

The Manuscript

You start by creating a few words and then a few sentences and then it starts to grow and you nurture it and try your best to make it the best it can

Abook, Abook!

Well I’ve done it—I’ve written a book. Something I’ve always wanted to do and maybe even known I would do. Of course, that particular knowledg