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I consider myself to be a work in progress. When you think about it, what living thing isn’t? This helps me to understand that there is no final product. There is only process, and that’s where the beauty of discovery resides. And that’s where the magic of the work in progress resides. Because in this …

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Moonrise over the bare naked willow tree

The Way You Know

(Photo by William J. Feerrar) I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been exploring songwriting as a storytelling device. It’s all very new, but over the weekend, I had my first super informal recording session with a friend. We are both learning! It was so much fun to play around with all this, and …

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Sunset over the ocean with seagulls flying in the upper right corner


January 24, 2023 I don’t know if I’ve made it clear on this website, but I’m a long form writer, by education and practice. Historically, I’ve focused on memoir and personal essay as a genre. Lately—as of about May, 2021—I’ve been exploring songwriting as a storytelling device. It’s a way of telling the story without …

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A lake and ominous clouds with a peak of blue sky and sun in the background


October 22, 2022 Sitting on the deck on this spectacularly gorgeous fall day, waiting to see if a song will come to me. What would I want to say? What feels important? Clearing out the cobwebs to make room for the light,You’re doing it right. It’s a scary place to godown all those stairs to …

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Blurry pen drawing of sun, peace signs, and a mourning dove


April 8, 2020 Since the pandemic began, the director where I work has been talking more about the mental health benefits of drawing—not professional-quality drawing, but simply picking up a pen or pencil and distracting yourself by putting that utensil to whatever paper you have on hand and creating something. Just this morning it occurred …

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January 19, 2023 I’ve been meditating a lot more lately, almost every day, and I’m really enjoying it. It doesn’t feel like chore or a “should.” It feels like a beautiful gift. The word that comes to mind is luxury, but that stems from the old belief that feeling good is somehow bad. It isn’t …

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abstract watercolor painting of gray and black ribbons with what looks like the shape and colors of a giraffe emerging from the center


January 26, 2021 I’ve started painting in watercolor, just along with some videos, in attempt to find some distraction from the current state of affairs.  I chose watercolor because it’s easy to set up and clean up and it seems less toxic than other types of paint, though I don’t know that for sure. I …

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Waterfall over rocks into green pool in Puerto Rico

Stay Safe

Photo by Cristol Grey (I’m pretty sure) March 30, 2022 That moment you know that you have to write another book. And the way that you know is the seed of an idea, which has silently been sprouting, blooms in an unexpected instant and fills your whole heart with dread. Because it isn’t going to …

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